English Idioms: An Idiomatic Journey to the West, book

English Idioms: An Idiomatic Journey to the West
is a book to learn English vocabulary and English idioms. The book is written in English and has a Chinese translation. The Chinese translation of the English text helps Chinese speakers practice English reading. The Chinese story of the Monkey King will further inspire Chinese speakers who are learning English.

First, in part 1: 

  • you’ll focus on the dictionary definition and word origin of idiom.
  • Second, you’ll understand idiomatic expressions as English grammar. Idioms often use figurative language: metaphor, simile, personification, onomatopoeia, and oxymoron.
  • You’ll examine the sentence structure of English idioms, slang, phrases, and figures of speech.
  • Finally, you’ll learn how language is culture.

In part 2, idioms are used to explain The Journey to the West, a Classical Chinese adventure. This popular Chinese Ming dynasty book, tells the story of a Tang dynasty monk who travels to India in search of Buddhist scriptures. In Chinese legend, this monk, Xuanzang, meets Sun Wukong, the monkey king. You’ll learn the meaning of animal idioms, such as, “monkey around,” and “pig sty.” Piggy, Sandy, and the white horse also travel west in this classical Chinese myth. Guan Yin even makes an appearance (in the story and in the English class) before the end of the journey at Xi’an.

In this idiomatic 2013, Journey to the West and Monkey King book, you’ll learn American pronunciation from the English coach and trainer, Dave Alber, author of 50 Idioms You Absolutely Must Know; English for Chinese Speakers: Secret Message From Planet Meiguo; and The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice. Chinese Translation is by the wonderful Zephyria Wang. You’ll get practical English training practicing sentences with idioms. You’ll learn new English vocabulary and English phrases. You’ll learn English for success! You’ll get the meaning and definition of a phrase. Often, an idiom’s definition or the meaning of a phrase includes an explanation of American slang. English Idioms: An Idiomatic Journey to the West is an American English lesson where you’ll travel to both the East and West.

Learning English and speaking English are now easier with EasyAmericanAccent.com and English for Chinese Speakers. English Teacher, David Alber, MA, presents an easy roadmap for your English learning.

This book is written by Dave Alber, English teacher, English pronunciation trainer, Principle at EasyAmericanAccent.com, and creator of The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice; “50 Idioms That You Absolutely Must Know”; English Idioms: An Idiomatic Journey to the West; The Taotie Image in Chinese Art, Culture, and Cosmology; and English For Chinese Speakers: Secret Message From Planet Meiguo.

Copyright Dave Alber, 2017.