The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice

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Sound of English American English pronunciation practice book by Dave Alber and Easy American AccentThe Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice is an English training book that focuses on speaking English and the sounds of English pronunciation. English sounds and pronunciation are essential in order to speak good English. Therefore, when people want to learn English, they need to focus on how to speak English. Because English is a phonetic language, spoken English is vital for learning English. This is a key point, English pronunciation is essential for clear speech. You can communicate with confidence and clearly express your ideas only after you gain the knowledge of the sound of the English language. The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice organizes the vowel sounds in an easy to use table. This table is great for pronunciation drills. Next, the consonant sounds are described and presented in many practical examples. The Sound of English describes how to make the English vowel and consonant sounds. Then shows how they are used in the beginning, middle, and end of words. Finally, consonant clusters are given in a table, so that you can practice each consonant cluster in many examples. You receive fun practice paragraphs, for the vowels and consonants, that will soon have you speaking English like a native speaker. If you, or someone you know, recognizes the rewards of speaking English clearly, then The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice is the confident choice.

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Learning English and speaking English are now easier with and English for Chinese Speakers. English Teacher, David Alber, MA, presents an easy roadmap for your English learning.

This book is written by Dave Alber, English teacher, English pronunciation trainer, Principle at, and creator of The Sound of English: English Pronunciation Practice; “50 Idioms That You Absolutely Must Know”; English Idioms: An Idiomatic Journey to the West; The Taotie Image in Chinese Art, Culture, and Cosmology; and English For Chinese Speakers: Secret Message From Planet Meiguo.

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